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"From broken homes and broken bones, the shadows lingering within the achingly dark Take Your Turn, Teddy seeped out and completely eclipsed me. As soon as I closed this book, I swear, I had to look over my shoulder. Haley Newlin has given me, given all of us, something new to be afraid of... You can never escape your own shadow."

-  Clay McLeod Chapman, Author of Whisper Down the Lane

“Unique, eerie and thoroughly engaging, Take Your Turn, Teddy is worthy of a place on any horror lovers’ bookshelf“

- Richard Martin, "Indie Muse"


“A creepy, blood-soaked capture of the lonely and poignant horrors of childhood—Take Your Turn, Teddy never lets up.“ 
— Meg Hafdahl, Author of The Science of Stephen King

“Take Your Turn, Teddy offers a disturbing glimpse of how a broken spirit can unleash powerful demons of the soul. Absolutely captivating—I couldn't put it down."

— Sadie Hartmann, Cemetery Dance

“A gripping and shocking tale that will suck you in and leave you gasping by the end. Terrifyingly terrific!”

— You’ll Read Too Bookclub

"Take Your Turn, Teddy is a wonderfully dark story with a vividly gripping tension. Newlin’s prose and storytelling takes you on a truly wild ride through a twisted narrative full of blood and everyday terrors that linger long after you've finished the last page."

— Claire L. Smith, Author of Helena

 “Take Your Turn Teddy is a multilayered book, the story of a young boy, whose demons become flesh, and a burnt-out detective, haunted by those he couldn’t save. It’s about how the human mind processes trauma, the shadows that lurk within its folds. This book’s a heartfelt homage to classic horror, Newlin’s love letter to the dark stories that stick with us, that both delight and terrify us.”

– Jessica Drake-Thomas, Author of Burials


"Full of horror, action, and suspense, but most of all painfully accurate descriptions of a person in the throes of a mental health crisis... a hallmark of a good story."

- Michael R. Goodwin, Author of Smolder

“So much many horror tropes that all worked and flowed well together. The ending had me sobbing.”

- Marcy Plasencia, @MarcyReads



"Relatable characters, fast-paced thrills, and engrossing stakes make Not Another Sarah Halls a horror read that lingers in your mind long after the story ends."

- Briana Morgan, Author of Unboxed



"A deliciously terrifying package with frightful imagery that will stick with you when you turn the lights off. A must read!"


- Charlotte, Horror Bound 



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