HALEY NEWLIN grew up watching Vincent Price movies and hanging on every grim tale Lemony Snicket spun.  It was no surprise when Newlin began writing her own dark fiction. In 2016, her gothic short story “The Tactics of a Cryptic Arbitrator,” was a finalist in the Penmen Review fall fiction contest. From there, Newlin earned her Master of Fine Arts in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, and studied horror icons like Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, and the rising director and writer, Mike Flangan.


She has published two novels, Not Another Sarah Halls, and Take Your Turn, Teddy

Newlin weaves stories of madness and curiosity that whisper, “What are you afraid of?” Horror begs self-reflection, and perhaps that is what makes these twisted tales truly terrifying.


Newlin’s vision is that readers bask in the glory of the place of horror literature and allow it to serve as a fearsome and grotesque bridge that inspired those who have never dared to explore their fears to embark on the journey. She urges readers to step out of their comfort zones and delve into the winding road of self-realization that horror imprints on those brave enough to crack the book’s spine. 


“In Not Another Sarah Halls I tried to be intentional in expressing what I have come to call the beauty of horror; the genre’s demand of self-reflection and unqiue ability to humble us in our own humanity. Horror makes readers ask what would my manifested fear look like? But most importantly, in inciting self-reflection, it helps readers determine not only what their fears are, but gives them the courage to look their fear in the face and say, ‘This is how I beat you.’"