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“It wouldn’t be the worst thing, would it? To die young, I mean.”

Underneath the facade of the normalcy lies a creeping darkness in the town of Oakhaven. If you look closely you might see faded flyers seeking the whereabouts of a missing girl, weather-worn and all but forgotten. Every town has its cold cases, but Oakhaven has a string of them.

Beautiful girls all missing, in a pretty row. While Autumn can’t seem to separate herself from the series of cold cases, everyone else in Oakhaven goes through extensive measures to move on — holding vigils as if the unaccounted-for bodies had been discovered, strangled in the woods.


But Autumn and her friend Becca take different paths on their way to unveiling the truth. An endeavor that not only dismembers their friendship but their state of mind.



Sarah Halls

"No one knows your darkness like your own Shadow."

Nothing has been normal for Teddy, not since discovering the harsh identity of the monster he had been living with his whole life—his own father. Teddy and his mother leave that behind to start over in a small Indiana township. But as Teddy begins to learn of humanity's monsters, he unveils an otherworldly evil he calls "The Shadow." The Shadow tests Teddy's vulnerability and growing sense of isolation, poisoning his mind and conjuring a vile killer-in-the-making.

A year later, Officer Leonard Strode is called in to offer consultation on a case similar to the most brutal and scarring of those he’s worked on before. One is the case of Jackie Warren, the other, Theodore “Teddy” Blackwood — two missing children. As he and two other officers follow the trail of clues, Strode is haunted by the ghosts of his own past and is horrified to find them wreaking havoc on his present.

When both Teddy and Strode finally meet face-to-face, they must confront their inner darkness as well or else be consumed by it.




Special / Hardcopy Editions
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Introducing the special hardcopy edition of Take Your Turn, Teddy...

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